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Ian Woodhouse-Smith, Lettings Manager

Moving house is an exciting time but can be a little confusing too. Here, we share our homebuyer checklist which will help you when it comes to purchasing a property.

Find a conveyance

A conveyancer will take care of the legal aspects of your property purchase and ensure that the ownership of the property is passed over to you effectively.

You must find a conveyancer that you can trust, so researching several options and taking a look at their reviews is a good place to start. As part of your purchase, you should also arrange a home survey as this will determine whether the property is worth the price you’ve agreed to pay for it and highlight any potential issues.

Packing and removals

Packing is perhaps one of the most time-consuming parts of moving house. It can take a long time but often allows you to declutter too. You should aim to start this as soon as possible to give yourself plenty of time as this will enable you to be as organised as possible.

Recycle, donate, or sell anything that you don’t want to take to your new home with you and buy a variety of packing materials to safely transport the things that you do. Once you’ve been given your moving date, you should book a removal company or van hire as leaving this too late could mean that you’re stuck trying to move without one.

Exchange and complete

Once all of the necessary checks have been carried out by your conveyancer, you’ll be given dates to exchange and complete contracts.

The exchanging of contracts is the point at which your purchase is finalised in writing and becomes legally binding.

Completion is the day that the property ownership is legally transferred to you and you can move in.

If you’re looking to buy a new property in the Alresford area, contact our expert team today who will be happy to help.