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Ian Woodhouse-Smith, Lettings Manager

A valuator will come out to assess your property inside and out, looking at everything from size and condition to location and topography. Valuations are carried out for free by most local estate agents, so if you’re thinking of selling your home, it can be beneficial for you to know how much your property is worth.

Assessment of the local area

During a valuation, all aspects of your home will be assessed by a property expert. Your valuator will look at property prices in your area, assessing both recent sales and properties currently on the market. This will give you an idea of how much other homes in your area are worth and is a good indication of how much your home might fetch on the market.

Internal features of your property

The valuator will then carry out a thorough assessment of your property’s interior. They will look at the number of rooms in the home the condition of the property, its features, fixtures and fitting and its age. Any structural or other issues with your home will be noted, including damp and mould, a lack of double glazing and damaged or missing insulation as these will impact the value of your property.

During the valuation, the property expert might measure rooms in your home to give the most accurate valuation possible.

External features of your property

The exterior of your property is just as important as the interior. The land that your home sites on will be assessed, including the size of the plot and potential for development or extensions.

Parking and accessibility for vehicles is also factored in, in addition to any garages and outbuildings.

How to prepare for your property valuation

  • Ensure you have plenty of time to allow for a thorough and accurate valuation. The time is takes to value your property depends upon its size and complexity.
  • Before your valuation, take the time to declutter and tidy your home to showcase its full, unobstructed potential to the agent.
  • You should also prepare any paperwork you have for the property, such as planning permission, building plans and lease information.

If you live in Alresford or the surrounding area, request a free property valuation from Hellards today.