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Ian Woodhouse-Smith, Lettings Manager

When viewing a property for the first time, it’s easy to get distracted. With the excitement of viewing a home that could be your perfect property, you might fail to examine it in as much detail as you should. Here are some top things to look for during a house viewing to help you decide if it’s the one.

Condition of the property

One of the most important things to look at during a property viewing is the condition. Are you looking for a finished home or a fixer-upper? If you want a home that doesn’t need any major renovation work, you should look at the condition of walls, floors, doors, windows and the overall layout of the property.

If you’re happy to carry out some renovation work in your new property, take note of the number and significance of changes you’d want to make to this home. From this, you can get a rough idea of how much money you’d need to get the property how you want it, which you must factor into your purchasing decisions.

Room size

It’s essential to look at the size of the rooms in the property you’re viewing. It can be easy to get distracted by the décor choices of the current owner and fail to see the underlying potential. If a room is filled with furniture or has a bold wallpaper, imagine what it would look like empty and with white walls. This blank canvas will help you assess the size of the space and imagine what you could do with it.


Don’t just look at the property – look at the neighbourhood, too. Is the street tidy and pleasant? How close are the nearest amenities? Are there green spaces for walks and exercise? Are there good transport links? If you have or are planning to have a family, are there good schools nearby?

Make a list of your priorities for the local neighbourhood to see whether this property fulfils them.

Listen for noise

During the viewing, you should take note of any noise. The property might experience noise from traffic, trains or aeroplanes, and the walls might be thin and the neighbours loud. You should assess whether any noise in the property would be bearable to live with, or if it would be a dealbreaker for you.


Keep your nose peeled for any unusual smells in the property that could indicate underlying problems. Damp in the home will cause a distinctive, musty smell, so make sure you identify it before it’s too late.


Don’t focus solely on the house – you should take a thorough look at the garden as well. First, look at the size; is it large enough to meet your needs? Is there space to extend the property in the future? You should also look at the condition of the garden, because an unkempt garden can result in an unanticipated amount of work after you move in.

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