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One of the first choices you will make when beginning the journey of finding a new home is deciding whether you want to live in a new build or an older property. While both can be equally as beautiful and family-friendly, it’s important to understand the key differences which may be vital in your decision-making process. In this article, we will highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of both new and old properties, so you can get a feel of which might be better suited to your needs.

New Builds


New build properties are essentially a blank canvas – which means you can customise them to feel personal to you. If bought before construction, you can also ensure the house is built to suit your needs and design preferences. Once construction is finished, you can usually move in immediately, as there is no need to wait for previous tenants to vacate the property or chains to be completed.

As new-build properties are designed to be energy-efficient, with double (or even triple) glazing and insulated walls, this means heating bills will be kept to a minimum, while also drastically reducing carbon emissions.


Due to their premium features, new builds are considerably more expensive than older properties per square metre. They are also in high demand, which is seeing an increase in price and often requires more time saving before purchasing. New builds are commonly known for incurring delays during construction, which can push back your move-in date and cause disruption if you are needing to sell your home before moving.

Old Builds 


Rather than being built-in mass, older properties vary much more in shape, size, and character. This often allows you to get more for your money when it comes to putting a deposit down and means you can save money for possible renovations further down the line to customise your home to meet your exact needs. These properties also tend to be more spacious, allowing for better ventilation during the summer months.


Characteristic properties will more than likely require on-going maintenance to keep the house in working order, as pro-longed wear and tear will make them more liable to damage. As a result, this can amount to significant repair costs over time to the internal and external features of the property.

Older houses are usually not as well insulated as new builds, which when paired with tired heating systems can lead to costly energy bills. While there are steps that can be taken to invest in making your home more energy efficient, this will usually be a large upfront cost that wouldn’t be incurred if buying a new build.

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